The Age of Reptiles mural at the Peabody Museum is basically right. Read left to right, you get Triassic human size dinosaurs, Jurassic giants, and the brutal world of big teeth and thick armor of the Cretaceous. They all got fucked up by volcanoes, asteroids, and global warming and died dead. But it lasted about 900 times longer than human existence so far.

The Work of Research

Romance of Research

The Baron was an inspiring aristocrat chasing about at the periphery of history, exploring Albania and island dinosaurs.

Many Methods


Popular Science

Dominating the Countryside

Dino Historiography

Artists rendering of a dicynodont. They’re cute, I think. Proto-mammalian and proto-reptilian, they held dominant niches in the ecosystem for a while.
Typical pseudosuchians
Metoposaurus is a salamander about 9' long that ate small dinosaurs who came near the shore.
Dinosaur reconstruction in Ischigualasto Provincial Park, Argentina.
This is just such a cute picture, let’s pretend the sauropods in Scotland looked like this and were so romantical!
The continents during the Cretaceous were approximately here.

Some Salient Body Features

This chart is too small, but the point is that Tyrannosaurs grow really really fast. They reach full size in 25 years and start smaller than a basketball.
Another weak diagram, but it’s your best shot at learning quickly about air sacs.

Spotlight on T Rex

Birds are Dinosaurs Too

In 1861, an archaeopteryx fossil was found that provided the first evidence of a missing link between dinosaurs and birds, really helping out defenders of Darwinism at a difficult time. This little dude (raven sized) could probably glide but not really fly.
Hey, birds



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