This line of argument is developed also by Frank Turner, eg

But, living closer to it now, I see that silicon valley is just massively boring and work focused. There isn’t a lot of art and culture, bc everyone there is there for a job and to get a stable financial situation. There aren’t people doing art on the streets or taking risks with their finances to pursue their dreams. Those people go to SF or Oakland or elsewhere. They don’t stay in the south bay.
This makes a “radically inclusive” (you can come without an invite) party ideal, and lets you bring along your friends. Plus, out there, the money you are making and spending on homes and things in the south bay lets you live like a prince, which makes people out there want to hang out with you. The offer of “come eat some ice cream in my RV!” to someone who has been in the desert air for a week…is very appealing.
I think these people find it easy to stay on work mode, thinking about their business things, while there (did I mention the focus on work in this area?) and thus they see all the cool stuff around them in startup terms, which may not be a very accurate or insightful lens! But it works for them and then they are sometimes inspired to do things differently.


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