Thanks for writing this! My cohort is now 120 days out and, reviewing LinkedIn profiles from all students, 40% have no jobs, 14% are freelancing, and the other 45% have some form of a real job. That’s out of 49 people. GA says we should be at 90% by now, but that’s only for people who remain on the outcomes programming; it is easy to fall off outcomes programming (e.g. you must apply to 10 jobs every week, on top of everything else) and it’s not always clear who GA counts as “on track” or off, giving them some control over their statistics.

Rumor has it that almost none of those with real jobs have full time contracts.

The cohort before me, nearly 180 days out, is 68% confirmed employed plus 9% freelance, leaving 14% confirmed unemployed and 9% unknown (not on LinkedIn).


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