NorCal: 1850–1960

How the Forests Changed

The meeting of East and West on the newly competed railroad in 1869 marked the incorporation of California into national networks of trade. It also meant that Californians were no longer just an isolated colonizer society imposing a foreign world on the forests. Now they could imagine that California was just another part of one American society.

Competition with Native Americans

These Kodiak hunters in their baidarka kayaks were quite good at killing sea life! Normally they wouldn’t head so far South and kill so many otters, but the Russians knew it would make a lot of money and got it to happen.

The Gold Rush of 1849

What’s Next?


Timber, Bark, and Forests

Nice skid road. Now, you had to stand still for a little while in those days to take a picture, and it’s likely that these laborers were being photographed by their employer as part of their work. So it’s hard to glean much from their pose or expression.
Note their pride.

Other Businesses

What’s Next?


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