I like what you’re going for here, but with BMOrg brand you also get BMorg principles, which I think are a lot more powerful than “music will unite us forever.”
It seems to me you need a much longer list of party crews and scenes, which you can pin pretty well to villages and large camps if you get the placement maps for several years and can see who is growing and shrinking and moving in and out. Most groups with a large presence on playa will be findable online, and then you can talk to each of these groups about what they’re doing on their own time (eg micro-fests, other things they organize or are involved with).

Idk what data you like to use / have access to, but social media connections could show a lot more of this picture (eg closed FB groups or just who posts on insto photos of themselves with who else) — you can have lots of people who aren’t in the social network at all and still get enough to link clusters together. Just a thought.

In my experience, most large camps have a strong off-playa presence or are connected strongly to one or more such presences.

Cool project!


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