Aspects of Art Crews

Better teams make better projects.

Context / Assumptions


Photo from April 2022. This would have been the very busy train station for my morning commute, but COVID. The station is empty at 9 AM.

Making a Better Nightlife

Setting up interactive art for a Burner club night. I went to a bar Friday and it was pretty boring. The next day, I went to this event and had much more fun.

You Are Not a One Hit Wonder

One hit wonders have more hits than you do.

Categories for Analysis of Art Crews

A Fool’s Errand sign showing an octopus doing foolish things, such as putting on pairs of pants.


Custom fortune cookies I made for an event.




Because we like trains.


Heart in a bubbling jar.


Storage is work.



Kooky bureaucratic plant vibes.

Who Cares?

Next Steps

With real data, I could make charts like this based in reality! For now, here are my guesses!




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