Art I Made in Q3 of 2019

Solid output. I’m surprised to see how many series I did during this time! Also, for being the summer, this work was a lot less ridiculous and whimsical than usual for me. It’s good that I’ve found places where I can exhibit my output.

Mendocino Magic

I spent my time at Mendocino Magic increasingly on practical matters but did find time to crank out a short run of dinosaurs.

Entirely practical, this one is a place to hitch up your boat. Previously there was none. Surprisingly, guests really did not understand this very well and adoption was low. I think this might be related to the water level decreasing far enough that it became easy to pull your boat up onto shore, but it’s also a good reminder that people don’t follow rules and do everything wrong.
I built and decorated a series of five of these with help from friends.
This series of 3 coffee tables was very nice, with help on the spray from Jay.
This photo doesn’t show the fade that well, but the purple fade made this a favorite for everyone I talked to.
I put together a 5 part lounge in some undeveloped central space at the park.
This reclining bench was a great challenge with excellent payoff. It’s huge and very very reclined.
Personally, I fancy this silly tea table made entirely of fence boards with a top I found decaying in a scrap heap.
This game! We found a half-dead foosball table and decided that, rather than toss it like we should, we would put in hard work to rebuild it all crazy! It’s name is GOL SMOKING, as you can see on the side.
The joy is all in the details. I eventually added lights to this, but they required a USB battery which was quickly stolen.
Threw together this beauty. It was initially just a study, but Jay encouraged me to finish it so then I hung it and eventually got it a solar light.
After playing with the idea for weeks, I finally put together my first nature box at the beginning of the trail to the lake.
A really crazy nature box that eventually moved.
Certainly my best nature box. This one is so calm and well suited to the spot. I hope it stays and grows and is maintained by visitors for some time.
Just a cute bench for a house.
I redid this “wet” bird getting some painting help from a visiting corporate retreat. They were game, once I brought it over to them with paints.
Put together these little friends along the path to the lake. Later people discovered they could reposition them and make cute (or nasty) scenes!
My favorite in this series.
My mini dinosaurs were a breeze and extremely cute. The body is a chunk of 4x4 and then I cut and screw on small pieces of plywood and board. A bit of spray paint, and it’s cute!
I see this kind of “quick win sculpture” as my strongest suit these days.
A very very big dinosaur I made after the little ones. This one was impractically large and needed more attention to detail than I ever gave it. Lots of time went in and ultimately we had to hide this one because it was too powerful an influence on the place’s vibe. Why try, you know?
One of my last improvements at Mendocino Magic was this series of 8 hanging spots. I left them at the best camp sites so that future campers would have somewhere to hang their towel, bag, shirt, speaker, etc. It also includes a small cup holder on the side, a change championed by my friend Gene.
The participatory art festival we throw during Labor Day weekend went well. This was a sign I made at the greeter’s station. The head (made in 2018) went on a bunch of cut branches and seems to just float in nature without any structural supports.

Back in Oakland

I took down a support I’d built for painting in my room. Returning from Mendocino, it was obvious to me that I am not a painter these days! This set of boxes on the wall freed up my book case so it only has to hold books.
Added this tiny bench to reinforce the gate I installed with Renée in spring. This was built with only wood I had on hand and I’ve since moved the hose hangout and trash tongs out of the way. Of course this bench is mostly used by roommates to leave their things around. But it reinforces the fence and looks cute too.
I threw together this face in Mendocino then painted and installed it here. It’s nice.
Somehow I got it in my mind that I should replace our cheap plastic hanging planters with wooden ones. A series of three because I found a great wooden bowl at Goodwill so used that for one also.
This worked! But I should have worried more about the effect of moisture on the wood. Each piece is warping in its own way.
Went with Renée to Albany Bulb one day and made this installation. I cut, painted, and mounted the blue branches while she did the gold pots. Ultimately, though, her last minute idea to put tinsel on long pieces of rebar was the best thing either of us made that day.
In the aftermath of a landscaping project on our poorly maintained street, I built a very simple sculpture that a neighbor moved to the corner as if it were trash. Convinced I could do better and that this was really not a very bad outcome (could have been smashed entirely), I rebuilt the piece into this “rat friend.” My second attempt at enclosing the body with boards.
Recently I’ve been putting effort into a train project and a related “zoo sign” project which will bear fruit next quarter. Here’s an initial model of the cardboard train! To plan this I found a lot of photos online, drew a few over again so I was clear on what parts and structures were needed, then cut the cardboard and glued this together. This whole process took about 3 hours.


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