Art I Made in Q3 2020

Chuk Moran
Oct 26, 2020


Really just some cozy stuff around the house and a couple big pieces for events.

I drew this dinosaur during a meeting, based on someone else’s dinosaur. The top is ok, but proportions are weak.

Bedroom Art Projects!

I removed the door and painted the jambs.
I scraped paint, sanded the door, and repainted it this nice darker grey. Then started adding a few stencils and now have washable markers to add more stuff with!
It is nice to just throw things on here from time to time. The washable markers are great, though I had to buy a few kinds before settling on the absolutely basic Crayola Ultrawashable Markers. No frills, but they do the darn job!
Redid my curtains pretty substantially and tighted up the wire at the top.
I’m using t-shirt yarn to hold the curtain in place AND as a way to drag it to and fro on the wire.
Put together this funny thing to go near my bed. Turns out it’s shelving?
Bright, and friendly too.
Repainted this old dinosaur skull
Figured out a nice way to reorganize the objects on this wall and realized I needed to add something too.
Looking much more clean. The white is crisp (two coats of proper house paint), redid the outline (magnum sharpie) and repainted the teeth (spray with lots of masking work). Also I added this shelving unit on the left. No sweat.

Little Things to Give People

Got a 50 pack of good lighters so I didn’t have to lend my lighter to anyone during COVID-19. Spray painted the back and then threw on stickers and little drawings. Fun!
I also started making slings to hurl stones with.
Scaled up my operation and realized knots aren’t very efficient way to mass product things. So I used zip ties, which are great in this application!
I don’t have photos of these strung up as sling targets, but basically you tie them up in trees and then hurl rocks at them!


One of my favorite summer art festivals had a livestream Sunday of its usual weekend, so we hung out on at an empty industrial area beach and built this with a few friends. All bailing wire and handsaw, I believe. The saw was used to cut in notches, which really helps prevent the wire from slipping around.
COVID coaching archway. Easy to put together and a nice semi-monumental piece.
Here is a plan I sketched with pencil on a folding table.
Using that sketch, I built this dinosaur with a bunch of friends. My biggest yet, 20' tall
Also added electrical tape to this abandoned freeway sign. So glad we finally did this, because we’d been talking about it forever. Gene and Renee collab.

That’s it. I didn’t do much art during this time, I’d say. I did get pretty decent at using the sling, though, and can now hit a tree pretty reliably.