This was an amazing time of rapid transition for me, from COVID lockdown to first vaccination. I got a one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in March, so was feeling confident to play outside my “pod” by April.

The transition wasn’t instant, but outdoor playing became much more acceptable, and so…

The dark days of COVID winter were not my most productive period, but I think I was busier than usual with work (product launch time) and did a good job developing some old patterns into high form.


In Q4–2020 we stumbled across a broken swing, which Renee and Lydia fixed…

Staying at home so much is difficult in many ways. For me, it is quite sad to have no audience for whom I might produce art. Earlier in quarantine times, I have made art for events, for the street, and for my home. By the fourth quarter of this long…

Notes for myself on how to write html emails that work

Outlook is the worst. It uses Microsoft Word to render html. Look at this nice transactional email in Gmail. Now see it in Outlook. Thanks, Microsoft.



The CSS box model is how we do layout for the web. Want this text above that text? Want a space between the body…

Chuk Moran


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